Welcome to the simplified


I'm a creator/designer/techian/nerd. I consider myself pretty creative. Usually it's either 3D-Printed things or a combination of other elements. For the most part I design in SketchUp. Because of my main interest in technical stuff I play lots with both hardware and software. Below you can find some projects I have designed and built. There are lot's more on Thingiverse if you want to know more.


First of all I'm good with people.

But if we should get technical:
Inventor - Mostly stuff that I need for something.
Musician - Played with Psy Trance a while.
FPV-Drone Pilot - Flying for fun, have a look here.
Designer - Design things in SketchUp mostly.
Programmer - Php, sh, bat, ps, arex, vb, js, css...
Hardware - When I build/invent I'm good with materials.
Operating systems - Spectrum 48K, C64, Amiga, Windows, VMWare, Gnu/Linux...

Check out my Linkedin page if you want to know more.


My closest family are my daughter and wife. We live in a nice house in the south of Sweden, a bit on the contryside. There was a time when all my computers where considered family and had names. But now days they have been demoted to things (or parts). I think you can imagine when that happened. :)


Here are some of the projectes I've created.

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